Dinner in a snap

Salmon is an easy breezy option for a healthy weeknight dinner. You can purchase fresh if you like but I find that the packages are just as good (especially when paired with a tasty sauce like this one). Add any starch you like; I prefer sweet potatoes whole as they only need to be rinsed, forked, and popped into the oven. Any green veggie goes well. We usually have green beans, but broccoli is just as good. I happen to have fresh broccoli on hand, but I keep it frozen in the freezer for when time is really tight. Just add butter, salt, and pepper.

When choosing recipes, it’s Easy with a capital E. If there are more than six ingredients I just scroll on by. Also, since I always keep an eye on my budget, if any of the ingredients are something I don’t normally have on hand it’s s no go. This one from creme de la crumb fit the bill. Five-minute prep, 20-minute cooking, and all ingredients I have. We even had time for an impromptu finger snapping lesson for my youngest son. Easy Dinner! Fresh healthy fun!

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