What’s that kid reading?

Recently my nine-year-old son has developed a love of reading, and I mean LOVE not like. He started out with the adventures of Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. He finished the entire series over our Christmas break, then moved on to other books by Riordan. He’s since read  39 Clues, a collaboration by top children’s authors, Masterminds by Gordon Korman, and now  Spy School, the first installment in a series by Stewart Gibbs.

These books have kept him engaged, and have fueled a love of reading that is still amazing Easy Modern Dad and Easy Modern Mom. So what’s in these books? Why’s he so engaged? Are they really age appropriate? When I  asked myself these questions I found I didn’t have a good answer. I’d read the backs of the books, asked other parents what their kids were reading, and checked our local B&N but I still didn’t really know why. And as engaging as these books are I didn’t really want to sit down and read them. I have my own reading to do.

So I recently found a website called Common Sense Media. The site allows parents to search books, movies, and other media to see whats actually in them. They bring up potential areas of concern, provide a short summary, and recommend an age range. They also provide talking points so parents can talk to their kids about potentially confusing themes in books and movies. In addition to books and movies, the site also has recommendations for games, apps, and even YouTube. Media the easy modern way.

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