Easy modern dad makes me laugh

So tonight easy modern dad tells me the someone at work told him “I thought the suburbs were where people went to die. Now I live here and I love it.”  Oh my. That was funny. Why? because that just about sums up our 20s. We spent so much time looking down at those “dead” suburbanites. “Look at them.” we would sneer. “They only shop at lame big box stores and eat at chain restaurants.” We were too cool. Our first house was even in the city, and we told everyone that we would never move when we had kids. We were city 4 life.

Flash forward. Two kids and several pounds later…

Here I am living in the burbs. Basically doing everything my younger self thought was lame. We are concerned about schools, we are thrilled when the grocery store gets a remodel. We look for the closest parking spot. What the heck happened, right?

But then I think maybe nothing happened. Maybe we changed. Maybe what our younger selves couldn’t see was that you can find joy in a simpler life. Joy in going to bed early and waking up before everyone else so you can eek out some quiet time before the house comes alive with the sounds of the day.  Splendor in the smiles of your children. If only I had known what life had in store for me then.

I probably wouldn’t have believed it.

What brings you joy now that your younger self would have thought was lame?

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