Like most families we are on the go all week long and by the time Sunday rolls around we are done, done done done. On Sundays we take it slow and try to spend most of the day home doing what we, want to do.

I usually wake up before everyone else. I like the quiet of the house before the day gets going. img_2534

I make coffee, and wait for everyone else to wake up. I would like to say that I do something super productive every morning but usually I just sit alone with my thoughts. img_2529

The easy modern family slowly wakes up and we make special Sunday chocolate chip pancakes for the kids and Gluten free pancakes for us.


After breakfast its time to go outside  for some  jungle gym time and sitting in the sun.  Younger modern brother decided to dress up like a dementor.


After lunch there is a quick trip to Target for star chart prizes.img_2557

Then its back home again for game time img_2564-1

Its dinner time and while easy modern mom and dad make dinner the kids play with their prizes. Its pan seared salmon.



A little pre dinner show and tell, modern older brother made this awesome Lego. img_2575

Diner timeimg_2578


And lastly its bath, book and bed time which is always too crazy to photograph so you will just need to use your imagination. And finally easy modern mom and dad take a little time for themselves and go off to bed. Until Monday and it starts all over again.

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