The move and Jens Risom


There is nothing particularly easy or modern about moving but… since we did  it  TWICE last year  it feels like something to post about.  We moved from the grey rainy weather of the pacific northwest to the sunny skies of California. And yes it did kinda cramp my easy modern style because the easy modern family felt neither easy nor modern for a good year. It was quite an adjustment  but we are now officially Californians.? So after a year of easy modern moving what has the easy modern family learned? Change is what you make of it. And it can go from something that doesn’t seem so great to something that you can really see your family loving in the blink of an eye. So yes, we love our new digs and have even found a couple of modern pieces to fit into our new home.


We found this Jens Risom credenza on Facebook marketplace. Originally in a deans’ office at UC Davis it now sits in our living room providing a nice place for our lamp. Originally from Copenhagen Risom only recently passed away in 2016 at the age of 100 in New Haven CT.  Risom garnered fame when he teamed up with Knoll, in 1941, to launch their inaugural line “600” Where Risom created most of the 20 original pieces.



Risom is most known for his  use of cedar and webbing to create designs that have become classics. This is not in our living room, 🙁  but probably  is what Risom is most known for.



So there you have it easy modern move and easy modern furniture.