Easymodern meets van der Rohe

Can I still call myself a minimalist? I took a quick look around the house.


Dining room,  looks good here…..


Living room  ok…


  Wow ok…img_4630Starting to perspire now…..


So the verdict? In my modern, minimal mind this is what I aspire to. Breathe in the relaxing sense of space. A calm clutter free room to create a calm mind.

Not my house. It’s the Farnsworth house

So how can I find a balance between my aspirations of minimalism and what I would call easymodernmom minimalisim?  I need to come to terms with an undeniable truth, kids like stuff, toys, games, books. stuffed animals, pictures, little trinkets that come in birthday packages, collections… All things that make my minimalist self sigh. I decided that it OK to devote space to the things that, though I don’t really understand, makes my kids happy and by proxy make me happy. The shelves of things in the kids rooms are OK in fact it’s all OK.

This tray in the living room would never have made the cut for my past minimal self but, I can appreciate the joy in the things we collected together.


there is space for things….



 A bar that was removed in the basement, no ramba ramba room for us right now (sigh), allows us a place to create; its not just a place for random things. 


So am I still a minimalist? Maybe? or is this simply the easymodernmom way? Figuring out how your modern self can live peacefully with the mom life and all the stuff that comes with it. Reserving space for your modern minimalist side while saving space for ‘things’. So while it may not be  particularly minimal, it is easy modern mom.