Easymodern Family road trip

During the week we spend very little time together as a family. I won’t go into the details but simply put the easymodern family is out in the world doing their easymodern thing. So, on the weekend we like to spend time doing things together. Sometimes that is doing a craft, puzzles or games but his Sunday, since we were home most of Christmas, we wanted to get out and go for a drive. After checking on several possibilities near us we decided to go take the kids on a short trip to see the ‘unexplained’. I know the easy modern kids love a good mystery, and the Mystery Spot did not disappoint.


The mystery spot is a gravitational abnormality occurring in a localized area in the Santa Cruz mountains. At the Mystery Spot, up is down and down is up, water flows up hill, people of different heights appear to be the same size and many other unexplained gravity defying events happen only here.

The Mystery Spot was discovered in 1939 by George Prather.  Prather soon noticed he began to feel dizzy when he walked up the hill in a certain area of his new property and reported that his compass was ‘jittery.’ After further investigation, Prather found that gravity was actually altered on a particular ‘spot’ on his land. Eager to share his finding with the world, Prather opened his land to the public in 1941 and the Mystery Spot was born.

Unfortunately for Prather he was only able to share his ‘Spot’ with the world for a short time as he died in 1946, but his son Bruce was able to keep the Mystery Spot open, with his partner Vaden McCray, both owning the property until 2015. Now owned by an unnamed party, the Mystery Spot has been astonishing crowds in Santa Cruz for over 80 years. The Mystery Spot has been featured in Time Magazine, Buzzfeed, The Santa Cruz Sentinel and various travel blogs. It is currently classified as California historic landmark #1055.

So, what is happening at the Mystery Spot? Like everything now, you could whip out your phone Google the Mystery Spot and find out. But why ruin it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little mystery with your kids? So, for now we are going to believe the magnetic fields have been altered in an isolated spot in the Santa Cruz mountains.

We had a great time at the Mystery spot and I found myself thinking about it even this morning while drinking coffee from my official Mystery Spot mug.. Wishing we were back in the Santa cruz mountains rather then off to the hustle and bustle of life.

What do you do to reconnect with your family over the weekend? Share your favorite weekend activities.