Reconnecting and getting Stuff Done

This past weekend we wanted to relax, reconnect and get stuff done.  The kids are currently between sports so now is a good time get some nagging to-dos off the list, check on some  projects we have going and get in some family time. So while we didn’t do anything, today I am feeling tired but in a good, I had a productive weekend sort of way.   So what does a working/ reconnecting weekend look like for us?

Easymodern dad is working on native landscaping for our yard. Currently we have plants with high water needs and grass. His/our  plan is to create a garden that is: low maintenance, we can enjoy and most importantly is  drought tolerant. The kids got into the action by drawing some plans of their own, looking at the calscape  plant site and helping select plants they would like to see in the yard


Drawing up plans for the yard inspired us to finally clean out our shed. Our tools have basically been in storage for the last 7 years, because of moves, so its been hard to find what we need. We were finally able to find a spot for everything and get rid of all the extra tools. Who needs 10 flat head screw drivers anyway?

After cleaning out the shed we found time to play and…


check on the rocks that we have bene tumbling. This was our first attempt at rock tumbling, a hobby that as we have come to find, takes patience and maybe more skill then we previously thought. We have been tumbling these since July and while they are nice they just look like smooth rocks, not shiny like we had hoped. On to the next batch!

After some down time it was on to the next project.  We needed to take down a fence that was in the way of our new landscaping plan. We wanted to involve the kids, as easymodern dad and I really get into our projects and have a tendency to get sucked in. This time, we didn’t want that to happen so we made a point to set an end time and find ways to involve the kids. That meant the easymodern kids got to use tools. They were excited, me I was a little anxious to let the 11 year old use the saw and the 7 year old use the  hammer but after safety lessons and some close supervision we were able to take down the fence with no blood and all fingers and toes still attached. The best part? The kids felt invested in the project and are looking forward to working on the yard  more.

Fence down, we needed a rest. Easymodern older brother has become interested in Star Wars and wanted to have a marathon, all nine movies. While we were not able to have a full marathon we did get through two movies, A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. They will have to wait until next weekend to see how it all ends or begins depending on how you like to think about it.

All in all it was a good weekend. We were able to work on projects that have been on the list for a long time, spend some time together as a family and the kids learned a few new skills.

What are some of your favorite family projects?

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