A well-being update

It’s the second week of my well-being course. What am I working on, how’s it going and is my well-being score increasing? This week was focused on identifying core strengths and putting them into practice each day. After taking a 30-minute survey, I was able to identify my top three strengths as:

  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence: Noticing and appreciating beauty, excellence and or skilled performance in various domains of life.
  • Love of learning: Mastering new skills topics and bodies of knowledge
  • Curiosity: Taking an interest in ongoing experience for its own sake 

I have to admit I struggled with this. Like everyone I’m on-the-go all the time, so sometimes it’s hard to stop and appreciate the everyday beauty in your surroundings, let alone make time to learn something new or be curious about something. But I tried to make time to focus on at least one of these areas once a day. And here are the results:

Appreciation of beauty 

I liked the way the morning sun reflected off the bird of paradise in our yard so I took a moment to look at it and was able to capture the moment. I also went for a walk and noticed the way the leaves and pine needles fell to the ground. I liked the beauty in the chaos of the patterns they created.

Love of learning

I really love learning about new things and this blog has given me an opportunity to learn to do things I never thought possible. So, this one was a bit easier. This week I learned how to install HTML into the header of my website and how to make a sitemap, so my site can be better indexed by search engines.


After reading an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the only Frank Lloyd Wright building in San Francisco, I wanted to know if he designed any other buildings in the Bay Area. I discovered he designed dozens of buildings in California (many located near me in Northern California), from private residences to municipal buildings to of all things a gift shop. And most of his buildings are open to the public. I know what we’re doing for the next couple of weekends.


One of my passions is reading biographies. I love seeing the arc of peoples lives, so when I learned that Jim Lehrer, longtime host of the Jim Lehrer News Hour, passed away I wanted to know his arc. Aside from his award-winning reporting and the many books he authored, a couple other things I learned where he was born in Wichita, Kansas and was at one time a Trailways Bus ticket agent.

Next weeks’ assignment: Savoring

Current stats:    

meditation:     4         

gratitude:         5

savoring:           3

kindness:           5

connection:       5

exercise:             7

sleep:                   4

goals:                   1

General shift in well-being:  feeling a little lift.


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