Frig. Friday: A food waste update… a little late

I am pleased to say  that the refrigerator is in much better shape than last Friday. Much more ‘white space’ and less waste. How much less 1 lbs.  less, I would say that is progress. This week I am focusing on making dishes that include only the ingredients currently in our refrigerator. Yes, I am planning to make this a no shopping week. Looks like that means chicken, cheese, potatoes and eggs for us this week–time to start meal planning and getting creative.

Territory Foods 

As a part of Frige Fridays I am going to devote some space to companies that make reducing food waste a part of their mission. This week, I discovered Territory foods, a new to me company dedicated to reducing food waste while feeding millions.  Territory Foods not only delivers tasty, locally sourced meals with no added sugar, gluten, or dairy they are also partnered with  Feeding America,a nation -wide non- profit focused on  food rescue. Feeding America feeds over 46 million people a year with food that would otherwise end up in the garbage. Through their partnership with Feeding America, Territory, promises to sponsor a pound of food rescue per meal purchased. Good food and a right step in waste reduction.

Totals so far in the Challenge:

1/24 3lbs.

1/31 2lbs.

We are on the right track on to next week.

What is your food waste reduction goals? What is your favorite clean out the fridge meal?



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