Last weekend: spaceships, chili and the super bowl

I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to cook chili since moving to California. This past Sunday was super bowl Sunday though, and I  wanted to cook something hearty to go with the big game. We are not sports watchers per se we are the fairest of  fair weather fans. When our city, whatever city that happens to be at the moment, goes to the playoffs the easymodern family likes to get in on the excitement.

I have been making this vegetarian chili for 15 years now and it’s current version has evolved, from a recipe in the book 1001 Low fat Vegetarian RecipesI never cooked anything else from this book, so there are still 1,000 left to go, not because they are bad, but because there always seemed to be a lot of ingredients involved and I never had everything don hand. But if you keep a well stocked vegetarian pantry I would suggest this book.

Because this chili is so hands off we had time to play while it cooked.

Game day Chili or any other day you want a hearty meal


2 20 oz cans whole tomatoes with liquid

2 16oz cans black beans rinsed

1 package sun dried tomatoes

3 bay leaves

1tsp cumin

1tsp oregano

1tsp chili powder

1tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 bell pepper

1 small onion

cheddar cheese for garnish

sour cream for garnish

Green onion for garnish

Pour tomatoes into crock pot. Cut up tomatoes in pot with a sharp knife making large chunks. Chop bell pepper and onion into small pieces add them to the crock pot. Add remainder of the ingredients. Place the pot on high for 6 hours or longer if you need to, just make sure to reduce the temperature after 6 hours. Pour chili into bowls and garnish with cheddar cheese, sour cream and green onion. This is good the first day but even better the second, after it has had time to rest in the refrigerator.

makes 8 servings

This is a very versatile recipe feel free to add more or less spice as you like or substitute what ever beans you have. This is also good over top of  sweet potatoes or with carrots added.


Do you have a recipe that you have evolved?

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