What are you listening to?


Podcasts were a mystery to me, mostly because I  seriously caught the late train, but also because I believed that they were reserved for Kennedy conspiracy theorists and doomsday preppers. But after reading a couple of articles about new podcasts I thought I would finally see what was lurking being that podcast app on my phone. I am now hooked and it has become my go to source of entertainment. Wondering what to listen to?

Here are some of my current favorites:


Hosted by Sarah Koenig, former producer of This American Life , Serial has three seasons and honestly each season was just as amazing  as the next. The first season follows the story of the 1999 murder of Baltimore high school student  Hae min Lee and the subsequent arrest and conviction of her ex boyfriend, track  star, honor student Adnan Syed. Keonig traces the last days of Lee in exhaustive detail allowing the listener to go deep within this complex case though her descriptions of the crime, interviews with Lee’s friends and family and phone call with Syed himself who has steadfastly maintained his innocence for the last 20 years. In the end, Koenig, reserves her opinion on Syed’s innocence and instead allows the listener to decide for themselves. What happened to Hae min Lee?


I don’t know where this show has been all my life. There is nothing better  than history and stories of the odd mixed together. Produced and hosted by Aaron Menke the shown  takes the listener on a tour of the unexplained, weird and  misunderstood. From historical events that you may be familiar with, like the Salem witch trials to to the obscure like an outbreak of a laughing sickness, Menke keeps the listener curious to the end. Menke has also released two other podcasts Cabinate of Curisoities, like Lore but in a shorter formate. Each show is about 10 min long. And Unobscured where Menke takes the listener on what he calls a season long ‘deep dive’ into a particular subject. Lore is  now available on amazon prime video if  you decide ” you want more Lore in your life” –Aaron Menke

Imagined Life

Hosted by Virginia Madsen and Robbie Daymond this show, by Wondery, is part biography part mystery. Each episode allows the listener to walk in the shoes of a celebrity from early childhood to through their career. The listener finds out about their family, friends, how they got their big break the whole story. The catch, you don’t know who the celebrity is until the very end. Some of course are easier then others to guess but some you really can’t believe.

The Shrink Next Door 

Joe Nocera, a former op- ed columnist for the New York Times, learns one summer, that some of the most intresting stories are the ones happening right next door. When Nocera and his wife purchase a home in the Hamptons he soon learns that his neighbors are not who they appear to be. First the gardener is not actually the gardener but  is the owner of the home and who he things is the owner, the mad throwing the lavish parties is wait for it… gardeners shrink.   Yes there is defiantly a story here, but what is it? What’s going on with the shrink next door?


A true story, reporter Brian Reed  receives an email saying that a murder has been committed in a small Alabama town. He claims the son of a wealthy businessman has gotten away with murder and has been bragging about it for years. After the man emails him several more times Reed, decides to go to Alabama and meet him, and finds more then he ever thought that he would he finds S-town.  A story wound up in the politics of a small southern town, S-town blows the lid off the quiet rural life. This is no Mayberry this is S-town.

Hooked? Keep track of your favorite podcasts:

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What are you listening to?

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